Sian Wu

Affiliate Instructor

Sian Wu’s exploration of communications and culture spans over a decade of working with nonprofit organizations, foundations and government agencies, and is based on a foundation of cultural curiosity and analysis. After studying abroad in the People’s Republic of China in the early 2000s, she re-connected with her culture and language while straddling multiple identities as a Chinese American. She then used her Chinese and English literature degrees to work in writing, editing and translation in Seattle, covering the arts and the environment, and writing about how Asian American identity intersects with larger geopolitical issues. Sian has built a career as a communications consultant, specifically focused on causes and social change. She spent over a decade at Resource Media, a nonprofit communications firm dedicated to progress and social change through the power of persuasion, content, research and capacity for mission-driven organizations around the world. Her current role as managing director is to lead teams that work with clients to conceive, direct and execute communications strategies working with frontline communities on issues ranging from climate justice, affordable housing, community development and health equity. Her favorite day to day work involves brand-building, creative and multicultural campaigns, integrating PR and social media. The wide variety of private sector and government clients who have counted on Sian as a consultant have included Google, King County, the Obama administration’s EPA and Department of Energy, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Sian is adept at developing multicultural communications campaigns with the goals of building capacity, actualizing leadership among communities of color and catering to the specific needs of frontline communities. She has lived in Seattle for 20 years and currently resides in the Central District with her family.