The Digital Media Degree

The Master of Communication in Digital Media is a professional communication strategy degree that emphasizes content creation, adapting to emergent technologies, and proficiency in digital platforms. 

You will learn to craft thoughtful engagement strategies using media production, distribution of content, and analytics.

Sample Classes

Some classes you might take in the Digital Media degree program include: 

  • Introduction to User Centered Design
  • The Future of Marketing
  • Advanced Video Storytelling
  • Law, Data, and Privacy

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Career Options

The Digital Media degree will equip you with skills valued across communications roles including: 

  • Creative Director
  • Content Strategist
  • UX Designer/Researcher
  • Marketing Executive
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Executive Producer
  • Communications Consultant
  • Storyteller

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Degree Requirements

To earn a master’s degree, students must complete a minimum of 45 credits. Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) requirements include: 

Four core requirements totaling 15 credits:

  • COMMLD 501: Leadership and Communities (2 credits)
  • COMMLD 502: Narratives and Networks (3 credits)
  • A Law and Ethics Elective (5 credits)
  • A Research Methods Elective (5 credits)

Note: Beginning in Autumn 2024, core class requirements will change to a single 5-credit class, COMMLD 501, offered each Autumn quarter. COMMLD 502 will no longer be required.

Other elective courses totaling 30 credits:

  • 10 credits may be taken outside of chosen degree emphasis, including a maximum of 5 credits taken outside of the Communication Leadership program
  • Electives may include COMMLD 593 internship (max 15 credits), COMMLD 591 independent research (max 10 credits), or COMMLD 600 research project (5 credits)
  • The program has no master’s thesis requirement. If students are interested they can complete a COMMLD 600 Research Project. It is a rare occurrence, and usually most appropriate for students planning to continue on to a PhD program and enter academia as a professor and researcher.

Alumni Testimonials


Sr. Communications & Content Manager
Amazon Web Services

“As a former newspaper reporter, when I first started the program I was looking for that natural next step in my career. I knew I still wanted to tell stories, but I needed to learn how to do that in a totally different way. That sandbox where I could try new things really helped me grow professionally.”

Thomas Zou

Product Marketing Manager

“Comm Lead helped me to jump-start my career in the US. The benefit wasn’t just knowledge gained from courses and growth of my portfolio. It was the confidence and camaraderie developed throughout the 18 months.”

Compare Degree Options

The Communication Leadership Program offers two other degree options. The Master of Communication in Communities and Networks emphasizes building community, growing networks, and crafting organizational identity. The Master of Communication in Communication Leadership provides a broad foundation of preparation for those changing career fields or with little experience looking to launch a new career in the communication industries.