Jordan Melograna

Senior Affiliate Instructor

Jordan Melograna has been producing and directing videos and creative content for the past decade, with an emphasis on stories that advocate for human rights. After several years working in film and television in Los Angeles, Jordan organized and led the short form documentary production team at Brave New Films, producing hundreds of videos in support of advocacy campaigns. In collaboration with staff at Disability Rights Washington in Seattle, Jordan launched Rooted in Rights, a first of its kind social media advocacy program by and for people with disabilities. In 2016, he founded Block by Block Creative where he continues building stories for organizations promoting conservation, criminal justice reform, voting access, education equity and civil rights.

Jordan’s work has earned millions of views on social media and has screened at film festivals, conferences and gatherings all over the world. His film and video work is tied to integrated advocacy campaigns that organize and empower audiences to make positive change in their communities. Jordan holds an BFA in Filmmaking from the University of North Carolina, and a Master of Communications in Communities and Networks from the University of Washington.

When not building innovative stories for his clients, he can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest’s endless natural wonderland.