Chloe Andersen

Affiliate Instructor

Chloe Andersen is managing partner who heads the leadership development and management practice at CoCreate Work, a workplace culture consultancy guiding businesses to systems-level changes that result in measurable successes and true inclusivity.

She has worked in 6 countries over her 20-plus-year career in positions like Senior Global HR Advisor at Citigroup and leader of learning and development for 8,000 professionals at Amazon. She brings cross-industry and cross-cultural perspective to her work in leadership strategy, management, cultural communications, and team-building.

She has guided teams at large consumer tech companies, senior executives at several Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurs with small businesses. Her programs have helped thousands of leaders to better understand themselves and become more emotionally intelligent and agile, resulting in teams that are happier and more productive.

Chloe is an experienced podcast host and guest, and she is also a certified professional coach with a Master’s in Business Administration.