COMMLD 530 B: Communicating Climate Change

Course Description

Numbers don’t tell stories—it’s up to effective communicators to make meaning out of the facts for an audience. How do you become a meaning-maker and effective communicator during this slow-crisis? Beyond just communicating the urgency of the situation how do you make sense of it personally in your own career and life?

Students will learn ways of communicating the existing facts of an environmental situation through storytelling. A variety of media will be surveyed (narrative non-fiction, fiction, essays, podcasts, videos, etc) to explore the universal and essential aspects of effective storytelling…along with the highly transferable skills important to your own communication career. Suitable for those wishing to work in NGOs or Environmental organizations. 

Students will pick a topic then challenge themselves to communicate more than just the facts in the medium of their choice as a final deliverable. Strong emphasis will be put on historical factors and how-we-got-here approaches in research and delivery.