COMMLD 503C: Practicum in Content Strategy

Course Description

In this practicum, students will assess content from a real world client using content audits and comparative reviews to make recommendations for a renaming, rebranding, and renewed website. Students will use templates to analyze and assess content against standards. We will look for ways to improve the website through content removal or renewal based on our user experience goals, audience preferences, and user tasks as well as best practices. Your assessments and recommendations will help the client reimagine content topics and connections and prepare for a new information architecture. By the end of this practicum students will develop a list of recommendations for the client for content improvement. 

**Since this class takes foundational concepts to the next level, students who register must have either already taken COMMLD 510: Introduction to Information Architecture, one of our intro courses (511 or 512), or Content Marketing (513) or have equivalent UX experience. Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. If your form is approved, you will receive an add code to register for the course. (Note: applications will be time stamped, and qualified applicants will be added to remaining class spots on an equitable basis determined by time of application and remaining time in the program. The application can be found here:

Note: students currently waitlisted for COMMLD 503B have priority for this course.

About Communication and Leadership Practicum:

Communication and Leadership Practicum courses give you the opportunity to engage in contemporary professional practice by addressing the challenges of real-life organizations. Each section is matched with a client organization or group of client organizations, and focuses on a distinct professional skill or practice that is deemed essential across a variety of professional fields. Students can choose their section based on their interests and needs.

Designed to mirror a professional setting, our Practicum offer you the opportunity to work at a higher level and with greater responsibility than what you might encounter in an internship or in entry-level work. In the span of a quarter, you will enhance highly-desirable professional skills, produce work that you can include in your own professional portfolios, and most importantly, leave with a story–your story – of what you did in this project to create value for your client.

Credit/No Credit Only