COM 597: Social Media Analytics and the Measurement of Social Marketing Success (Au)

Former Tags: Spring 2014, MCDM, Research Methods

Course Description:

This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of social media analytics and social listening & monitoring, with a focus on tracking the overall social health of brands. We will compare and evaluate some of the analytics tools on the market and learn how to perform a social landscape audit, establish KPIs (key performance indicators), set social marketing goals, and determine methods for campaign performance tracking. We’ll deep dive into the components that comprise a thorough monthly monitoring report, including managed channel (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) success metrics and KPI tracking, conversation sentiment and themes, competitive share of voice, influencer identification, data insights, listening & monitoring topics, and ROI. At the end of the quarter, we’ll examine the latest debates, tools, technologies, and social channels and their implications for social media analytics. Students who successfully complete the course will have gained hands-on experience analyzing and developing insights and tactical recommendations based on social media data. They will also leave armed with resources for following the latest trends and developments in social media marketing.

Student Testimonial:

“Vanessa Au’s Social Media Metrics class provided a great overview of how (and what) to track in order to best calculate the ROI of your social media channels. The guest speakers were all leaders in their field, and offered an excellent complement to the class lectures and readings. Professor Au’s slide decks were great and functioned as useful takeaways for each class session. This class is a great intro for anyone wanting to learn more about measuring social media impact and offers practical instruction on how best to do so. If you already do this for a living, you may find some of the lectures redundant, but for those that are just getting started, this is a great way to get a head start on an essential skill set of social channel management.”