COM 587: Business Fundamentals in Digital Communications (McPherson)

Former Tags: Summer 2014, MCCN, MCDM, Track Neutral

Please Note: COM 587 is a neutral class and while offered in different tracks different quarters, can be taken by either MCCN or MCDM students as part of their core electives, regardless of the track that particular quarter. It does not count as as the option all students have to take two courses in the alternative track.

Course Description:

A practical understanding of key business fundamentals is essential in being able to create and implement digital communications strategies in today’s organizations. This course will be useful for students that are employed in large and small businesses, wanting to start their own business, or for those working in or with NGOs/non-profit organizations. The learning focus will be on business fundamentals within the world of digital communications companies and departments within organizations. We will cover the following subjects: Marketing/Sales, basics of Finance and Accounting (including understanding ROI), operations, and implementation. Students will apply key business concepts by building a business plan of their own design, either solo or on a team that is of interest to several students. The business plan serves as a comprehensive vehicle for putting into practice the central teachings of the class. Plans can reflect a range of possibilities: new small-business ventures, initiatives from students’ workplaces, a new nonprofit organization or plans that reflect the interests of students who choose to pursue a plan within a sub field they hope to pursue as a career. As a result of taking this course, students will have a better understanding of the underlying issues facing business and be able to develop more relevant strategies and tactics to leverage the opportunities and challenges that digital media presents. At the completion of the class, students will be able present their ideas and initiatives in a more persuasive way to the decision makers in organizations by aligning their suggestions with the needs and issues facing the organization.

Student Testimonial:

“Rick’s class took my understanding of business to the next level. As someone whose spent most of my collegiate career in communication courses, this business fundamentals class lived up to the name. Further, Rick’s examples were often straight from news headlines, and his career experience brought the concepts to life. The deliverables were time intensive, but working in a team made the workload comparable to other courses. The tools and know-how to build a strong business plan made this course one of the most valuable I’ve taken in the program thus far.”