COM 585: Multi-Platform Content Strategy

Course Description:

This course will focus in two areas: 1) Teaching the skills, techniques and tools used by product content strategists like, wireframing, responsive content modeling, and journey mapping. 2) Outlining how to successfully apply these skills in real world scenarios within interdisciplinary teams. Each skill will be applied in both hypothetical product teams and with real brands from around the region.

Student Testimonial: 

“Multi-Platform Content Strategy with Professor Magwire was such an amazing hands-on experience of what it is like to be a content strategist. This was a perfect blend of concepts and technical skills needed to grasp what happens in the field and how to be successful in it. I really enjoyed working with actual clients and acquiring the skills over the course of the quarter to make real recommendations on how best to improve their strategy. My favorite part of the class were the amazing guest speakers that were able to speak to their personal experiences working with or as content strategists. Definitely recommend the class for any working professional whether you are going into content strategy or not!”