COM 583: Advanced Multimedia Storytelling: Human-Driven Documentary

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Course Description:

Just a few years ago, creating rich multimedia was a boutique interest of elite journalists and filmmakers. But as lives and communities move further online, multimedia and character-driven, documentary-style storytelling is becoming a lingua franca for journalists, advocates, entrepreneurs, communities, and organizations. This course is a project-based class that teaches character-driven video production. Instruction will take students through story development, research and interview techniques, the technical aspects of shooting, editing, and production, as well as distribution and marketing. Emphasis will be given to reporting, interviewing, and the challenges of telling others’ stories well. Previous foundational MCDM storytelling class or demonstrated digital storytelling or video experience is strongly recommended. The Seattle Globalist is a nonprofit publication based in the UW Department of Communication that covers international connections in Seattle and specializes in human-centered multimedia journalism.

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Student Testimonial: 

“I can’t say enough good things about Alex Stonehill’s and Sarah Stuteville’s class. Both are gifted educators and expert storytellers. As educators, I found them open and willing to engage many points of view with equal respect. That’s a rare talent. Their entry in the Seattle International Film Festival 2013 (Barzan) attests to the pedigree of their storytelling. They encouraged me to seek a challenging topic. In the few weeks we had in the class, they were mindful to remind the class to stay on pace. They grounded this advice in real-world experience. A big debt of thanks to Comm Lead for leveraging Alex and Sarah’s abilities and experience into a rewarding experience; the class was over all too quickly.”