COM 558: Digital Media Law and Policy (Baker)

Former Tags: Spring 2014, MCDM, Law and Ethics

Course Description:

Legal issues are pervasive in the use and implementation of all types of digital media. Copyright owners consistently struggle with how to monetize content without alienating end users, bloggers confront the parameters and limits of free expression, and consumers are more and more sensitized as to how companies will make use of their personal information. This course examines the existing frameworks that govern how companies, organizations, and end users approach free expression, intellectual property, privacy, security, and advertising. Students are provided practical guidance for applying these frameworks to varying news, entertainment, social media, and digital media environments.

Student Testimonial:

“Law & Policy is usually among the favorites of each cohort, and I completely understand that! Kraig is an incredibly knowledgeable professor who is detail oriented, and cares deeply about getting his students interested in the material. Law seems like a boring subject at first, but he makes sure that the material is tailored to the interests of each class and gives his students the freedom to adapt the course to their passions and learning styles. Also, this course is incredibly relevant to many questions we always have looming over our heads about copyright and content. This subject will continuously be relevant, and Kraig does a great job at making sure you’re confident in that.”