Long-Form Writing class publishes first volume: ‘Mind Shift’

Memories of being a horse girl. A complicated relationship with Seattle’s Interstate-5. Everyday awe. The perfect pair of jeans. Power lifting. These topics and more are included in this collection of long-form essays produced in the Winter 2023 course Professional Long-form Writing & Platforms, taught by Anita Verna Crofts.

In the digital volume below, you can read pieces from Sara Keats, Natalie Q. Godfrey, Ardhra S., Nancy Trott, Nick Hyde, Nandhita Nandakumar, Izabella Li, Molly Scudder, Blair Siegal, Makeda Beck, Emily Tapp, and Clara Youtz.

And look out for the second volume of Mind Shift next year. Or even contribute yourself by registering for Anita’s class!

Mind Shift by COMMLD540